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Blocked Drains

If you have a blocked drain or there are signs of it starting to get blocked, such as gurgerling or draining away slowly, than call Dan at Hydromatic Plumbing for some advice. Not all blocked drains need a plumber. We can guide you over the phone, on how to clear it yourself with some simple tips. Failing this we are here to help 24/7. A blocked drain can often be identified by noticing toilet flushing issues, overflowing roof gutters, flooding of sumps/grates, basins/showers/sinks overflowing or slow draining, bad smells and saturated ground conditions.

Hydromatic Plumbing have many years of experience when it comes to blocked drains in Canberra. Hydromatic Plumbing plumbers have all the right equipment on board when they arrive at your Canberra home to clear that blocked drain. From Sewer jetters, Electric cable eels, Drain cameras and underground pipe locating equipment we are always ready for our customers.

Hydromatic Plumbing will determine if the blocked drain is located on your property or in the ACT government sewer or stormwater mains. If this is the case Hydromatic Plumbing will take care of this on your behalf with no cost at all to the home owner. You see Hydromatic plumbing will locate any blockage with our electronic underground pipe locating equipment. We can pinpoint any blockage in the drains no problem. Hydromatic plumbing deals directly with Icon water and TCCS for Canberra Sewer and Stormwater issues that occur in the mains. Don’t be charged by a uninitiated plumber for a blocked drain that is in the government main. Icon water and TCCS have a reimbursement scheme for plumbers in this instance. For blocked drains you need to speak with us, we are the real deal for blocked drains.

If your drains are blocked, and you need the mess cleaned up quickly, our friendly plumbers are ready for you. And we don’t charge like our competitors. We encourage you to compare our prices. Call today

Book online now – One of our friendly Canberra plumbers will be at your doorstep at no time at all, to clear that blocked drain. That’s 10% off the service call for online bookings.

What We Do

Plumbing Work

Blocked Bathroom drains

Slow draining shower or blocked basin. It may be water overflowing out of the floorwaste. These blockages can be cleared with a micro jetter or even pneumatic plunging. Call for Dan for guidance.

Drain Maintenance

Blocked stormwater drains

Heavy rain and storms can cause flooding at your property if there are drainage issues such as tree root blockages or silt and leave matter build up. These types of blockages can be Jet cleaned using 5000 psi water to cut through even the most stubborn blockages

Drain Maintenance

Blocked kitchen drains

Bad smells, gurgling and a slow draining kitchen sink are signs that you have a blockage. This is very common in Canberra during the winter months. Call Dan for same day service.

Drain Maintenance

Blocked toilet drains

Overflowing toilets are the worst kind of blocked drain. They are obviously very messy. We have some great ways to sort them out without any further mess. Call Dan for advice.

In-Ground Services

Blocked sewer drains

This our specialty, We love blocked drains. As weird as that sounds, to us blocked drains are no challenge. Years of clearing blocked drains has helped us understand how to clear drains, using the best suited equipment for the unique Canberra drainage infrastructure. Don’t pay an average plumber to toil clearing your drain for hours with no idea and all the wrong gear. After years of using the wrong plumber, you will appreciate our expertise and professionalism in this area. 

In-Ground Services

Blocked laundry drains

Drain pipes in your laundry are prone to lint and detergent build up, and also subject to the usual tree root ingress that can happen in leaking drain pipes. Whatever the drainage issue, we can sort it.

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